Sunday, December 15, 2013

It was underneath the bed.....(by the way THIS IS A HAMSTER!!!)

Furball of Death! In Theaters December 20th.
In 3D! Rated N4W.(not for wimps)(especially those with a fear of unknown killer objects living underneath ones bed) (hehe)

Timeout. Bummer.

The hamster must be exhausted of getting in trouble! 

That darn light glare thingy!

This is really cool!

But...curse you light glare thingy!

This is what we sleeping hamster expert people call.....

"The Belly Flop Position." 

Anyone one else find this creepy?

The yellow cat thingy this hamster is sleeping is mentally disturbing! Seriously.

It looks like it was found in a child's rejected pile of toys, 
and was not even manufactured to be a hamster house. 

But it was all I could find to have for today's pic, so whatevs. 

Not really.

Sooo past the teen years anyways to say "whatevs". 

But it's sorta cute.

Not really.

Hey! (Thank you Thomas Edison for giving meh that....what do ya call it.....light bulb moment!)

Why don't you guys comment and tell me if it's cute or not?

Yeah, yeah, random stuff.

But this is a quite random website indeed.

Smushed face!

Let me justh smusth my faceth all over this glassth so you can thsake an awethsome pickture, ookay?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Play on words...

Hamwiches are sooooooo yummy.

Get it? 

Or what about the Leaning Tower of Hamza?

That's cute, right?


I'm not funny.